480 families received a Christmas food basket and 11,742 toys were distributed to children.

Provided 17 baby bundles to parents of newborns

Assisted 29 families in emergency situations such as house fires or domestic violence situations.

196 volunteers contributed 3,138 hours of service.

166 children received birthday presents from the Birthday Closet.

Provided work experience/training for 7 individuals with 1,674 hours.


2018 Accomplishments

Distributed 157,749 items of clothing, food, furniture and items free of charge to families in Lenawee County through the "Daily Distribution" program.

An average of 35 families were served every day.

The Keep Lenawee Warm program provided sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens and blankets  to 735 Lenawee County residents.

The "Back to School" program made available two complete back to school outfits and a new, age appropriate backpack filled with school supplies to 373 Lenawee County children. Teens also received a towel and personal care items.